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Ph.D. Educational Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language, Iowa State University
B.A. German/Political Science/History, Duke University

Shannon Sauro is an Associate Professor in the Department of Culture, Languages and Media at Malmö University. She trains pre-service English teachers in both the primary and secondary school teacher education programs.

Her areas of research include computer-mediated second language acquisition, task-based language teaching in online environments, and the intersection of online media fandoms and language learning. Her current line of research explores the use of collaborative fanfiction writing to bridge language and literary learning for advanced L2 learners of English. She is the vice president of the Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO), co-editor with Carol Chapelle of the forthcoming Handbook of Technology in Second Language Teaching and Learning (Wiley Blackwell), and an avid podcaster in the Sherlock Holmes fandom.

Videos related to her work on fanfiction for language teaching are available on YouTube, and her research publications can be accessed here. She can also be found @shansauro on Twitter.